9-Axis Bluetooth Streaming IMU

Device Description

The WAX9 is a streaming inertial measurement unit (IMU). The sensor combines a MEMS accelerometer, gyro and magnetometer with a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) compatible radio. The WAX9 sensor is an ideal platform for wirelessly gathering real time movement data. Additionally, the WAX9 also features a barometric pressure sensor and temperature sensor. The WAX9 is fully configurable and can provide its output in a range of format options at a variety of rates. The WAX9 sensor is provided in a convenient Puck form factor.


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Resource Description
WAX9 Data Sheet Data sheet for the WAX9 sensor
WAX9 Utilities Utilities for the WAX9 sensor
WAX9 User Guide (online version) Online user guide for the WAX9 sensor
WAX9 RP Case for OEM Board RP Case for the OEM Board (WAX9)
WAX9 Example Data Binary and csv format files