Looking after your device

Cleaning device

From time to time the components of the AX3 may require cleaning. Cleaning of the surfaces and strap maybe achieved using an Isopropyl alcohol based wipe (70% concentration).

From time to time the connector of the AX3 may require cleaning or sanitising (depending on wear environment and wear frequency). Connector pins can be cleaned electronic contact cleaner. Such cleaning fluids are widely available distributors and retailers such as Farnell or RS. In the case where excessive debris is built up in the connector, debris must first be carefully removed using a soft-brush, pin or tweezers before sanitising. In the process of removing debris an air-duster may also prove useful.

Updating firmware

The AX3 hardware internally runs its own software program, firmware. Occasionally, it is necessary to update the firmware. This process has been integrated into the OMGUI software and if an update is required the user will be guided through the process.

NOTE: When updating firmware, the user is reminded not to interrupt the connection to the computer until they are told it is safe to do so.

Charging the AX3

It is recommended that the AX3 should be fully charged above 85% before being used in any experiment. The AX3 may be charged in 3 ways;

  • Using a wall charger
  • Using a USB connection on a computer
  • Using a powered USB hub such as the "Multi Dock charger" (can handle multiple devices simultaneously)

When connected to the USB connection on a computer or a powered USB hub such as the "Multi Dock charger", the AX3 can be configured and or downloaded at the same time as charging (this can not be done when connected to a wall charger). To use the Multi Dock charger simply plug in the Multi Dock mains adapter and the USB connection to a PC. If only charging functionality is required the USB PC connection may be omitted.

Once plugged in, the Multi Dock charger can then be used to simultaneously bulk charge or configure devices on each of the available ports.

For a full charge, the sensor requires ~1.5 hours when using the wall charger and Multi Dock. When using a laptop computer USB connection to charge the device, it is recommended that the laptop is mains powered, if not the charge time of ~1.5 hours cannot be guaranteed.