Understanding the LED codes

Then AX3 device has a multicolour LED that is used to feedback to the user its mode, USB state and charging state.

When connected

Red rapid flashBattery in precharge, wait up to 60 seconds.
Red flashDevice in bootloader mode.
Amber/white pulseConnected to USB power. Allow up to two hours to fully charge (check software for details). Reported battery level is approximate: anything shown over 85% can be considered as a full charge.
Solid green/whiteConnected to power, but not a computer.

When disconnected

 No lightWaiting to start logging, or logging silently (default).
Green flashConfigured to log with the "flashing LED" option added.
Blue very brief flashNot configured, or successfully finished a timed recording.
Red very brief flashBattery very low, or recording finished early because of low battery or storage capacity.